Crusader No Regret 1996

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Crusader: No Regret is an isometric action game developed by Origin Systems and published by Electronic Arts in 1996. Nominally a sequel to 1995’s Crusader: No Remorse, it is considered both by critics and by the game director more akin to a stand-alone expansion pack. Mechanically similar to No Remorse, it features new levels, enemies and weapons.

Set immediately after the events of No RemorseNo Regret chronicles the further adventures of the Silencer, a supersoldier-turned-resistance-fighter in a dystopian 22nd century.

The gameplay is similar to Crusader: No Remorse. The player controls the Silencer as he fights his way through the levels. Teleportation pads are used for quick travel within and between levels.

No Regret added several new weapons and death animations, including freezing (and subsequent shattering) and two different kinds of melting. In No Remorse, the Silencer could carry no more than five firearms at once; in No Regret, this restriction was lifted entirely. Nonplayer characters no longer carry money, since there are no friendly merchants to deal with on the Moon.

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