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Published in the early nineties by Lucasfilm, Loom is a graphical adventure game base on the SCUMM engine. This game is the first of the Lucas-esque adventure gameplay : originality, no game restart and no death. Moreover, Loom have an incredible rich fantasy world, created by the brilliant Brian Moriarty, creator of Trinity, Wishbringer and Beyond Zork.

The adventure is very original, you assume the role of Bobbin Threadbare, a special member of the Weaver race born from the great loom. You are left alone after tragic events with your only item in the game : the distaff, a magical stick, it has the power to change the physical properties of objects. To change theses attributes, Bobbin has to touch an object and play four notes defined by the player.

That’s were the game is so innovative, it uses the same system as in the Link Ocarina of Time game, but this was a decade before. The player learn different notes through the game and the expert mode is ear only ! For this difficulty, the reward is a unique end scene.

The game has different version, originally release on floppy disks, a later version on CD came, with awesome graphics, sound and bg music.

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